SnapLayout – Making Myspace a bit less ugly.

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I happened upon SnapLayout the other day. The main focus is to enable Myspace users to make there sites a bit less ugly. A bit less ugly is really all you can ask for when dealing with Myspace, anything that made the profile pages decent looking might take away from the Myspace experience. Disclosure: I absolutely loath Myspace and don’t have a page, but Tascha’s page sure looks better.

SnapLayout – Myspace Layout Editor

Source: Techcrunch


Running with Tascha…

August 3, 2007 at 12:07 pm | Posted in fitness, Tascha | Leave a comment

…is really very humbling.

Tascha and I went for a nice run today, little under two miles for a quick workout. Nike+ is the best iPod acessory out there.

More Sprint

August 3, 2007 at 9:22 am | Posted in Tascha, tech, travel | Leave a comment

Yesterday, after getting fed up with my technolgical troubles we decided to stop by one of the two Sprint stores in town to get Tascha’s phone fixed.

Tascha’s phone had literally broken in half yesterday and her mom had an identical phone laying around the house (we didn’t want to get a new one because we are both waiting for the Pearl 2). When we went in to the sprint store to have the new phone updated (no SIM card or this would have been a non-issue), the very nice person informed us that we would have to “re-start Tascha’s two year eligibility” just to switch to a phone that we already own! As you might imagine we were pretty fired up at this point, and decided to leave and go to the main store downtown that had a manager on duty. What we found out was not as bad as we originally expected but still unacceptable. In fact what happens is that if Sprint switches your number to a new phone (even if it’s a phone you already own) you start over the two year clock before you are eligible for a phone upgrade! The upside (ha!) is that at least your contract doesn’t start over and our contract expires in November. This new Blackberry Pearl on Sprint better be pretty amazing or else we will be looking to move simply to get away from these ridiculous service issues.

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