SnapLayout – Making Myspace a bit less ugly.

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I happened upon SnapLayout the other day. The main focus is to enable Myspace users to make there sites a bit less ugly. A bit less ugly is really all you can ask for when dealing with Myspace, anything that made the profile pages decent looking might take away from the Myspace experience. Disclosure: I absolutely loath Myspace and don’t have a page, but Tascha’s page sure looks better.

SnapLayout – Myspace Layout Editor

Source: Techcrunch


Speedfiler – Save 30 minutes a day in Outlook

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This is some of the best software I have ever discovered. The software learns your filing system and folder names and automatically suggests the file that it thinks would best fit the email you are currently viewing in Outlook. In addition Speedfiler gives you the option to save your sent files in the same file as the rest of the emails related to a certain topic. Version 2.0 has a great new function that allows you to file the original and reply message all in one keystroke. During my trial phase it suggested the correct folder 86% of the time, the other 14% you can just start typing and the software will find the correct folder. It saved me at least 30 minutes a day for an additional 2 1/2 hours a week!

Go check it out: Speedfiler 2.0

Sweet new calendar/to-do list

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Scrybe is a interesting looking new online/offline tool that could be the to-do/calendar organizer that finally replaces Outlook. The most interesting part is that you can work either online or offline. This enables a person to add quick updates at anytime, and it will sync up once you are back online.


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vFlyer – All in one classified solution

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Here’s a cool new site that helps people create a classified ad that goes out to all the major services, as well as preps it for email and flyer distribution.  The obvious players that will use this are the industries highlighted on the website, real estate and autos.  However, I think this would be handy for any high value used item that individuals might have laying around, and it does increase your reach when trying to sell that used car!



More Sprint

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Yesterday, after getting fed up with my technolgical troubles we decided to stop by one of the two Sprint stores in town to get Tascha’s phone fixed.

Tascha’s phone had literally broken in half yesterday and her mom had an identical phone laying around the house (we didn’t want to get a new one because we are both waiting for the Pearl 2). When we went in to the sprint store to have the new phone updated (no SIM card or this would have been a non-issue), the very nice person informed us that we would have to “re-start Tascha’s two year eligibility” just to switch to a phone that we already own! As you might imagine we were pretty fired up at this point, and decided to leave and go to the main store downtown that had a manager on duty. What we found out was not as bad as we originally expected but still unacceptable. In fact what happens is that if Sprint switches your number to a new phone (even if it’s a phone you already own) you start over the two year clock before you are eligible for a phone upgrade! The upside (ha!) is that at least your contract doesn’t start over and our contract expires in November. This new Blackberry Pearl on Sprint better be pretty amazing or else we will be looking to move simply to get away from these ridiculous service issues.


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Tascha and I are visiting Walla Walla this week and the idea was that I would work from my mother-in-law’s house in the morning and then we’d all spend some quality time together in the afternoon.

Here’s the way it’s worked out: I forgot my RSA key fob in Seattle and our IT department has no work around for that, so my laptop won’t log in, to make matters worse it won’t connect to the internet so there’s no way for me to send emails using my personal email. My cell phone get’s horrible service and rarely ever rings through with incoming calls. My Blackberry doesn’t get service unless I am right in the middle of downtown.

I can understand that sometimes I’m going to have laptop issues (I’m typing on a MacBook that never gives me issues but that’s another post). What I don’t understand is the cell and data service. I’m on a Sprint phone and a AT&T Blackberry. Sprint is the only of the big 4 that has a local company-owned store, you would think they would make sure their network was built out to handle it. My mother-in-law has a AT&T phone which she has to go to the driveway to use because the coverage is so bad in her house. Something must be done about the cancellation fees in the cell contracts so that we as consumers can acctually affect the serious coverage and service issues that all cell phone companies still have.

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