Crazy Towtruck!

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This may be the only reason to drive a Suburban:  via Evo


Keep “Stuff” from taking over

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Paul Graham has a great post about how he deals with stuff, and how it all came about.  here’s a great point:

 Another way to resist acquiring stuff is to think of the overall cost of owning it. The purchase price is just the beginning. You’re going to have to think about that thing for years—perhaps for the rest of your life. Every thing you own takes energy away from you. Some give more than they take. Those are the only things worth having.


Great instructional video!

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 Courtesy of:

No Impact Man: What our cities could be

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Everyone should go read this post and take a look at the pictures. There is no question that we have gone the wrong direction.  We need to figure out how to get back to a community focused approach.  Let’s start the discussion on how we can get there.  And please don’t tell me that pre-fabbed communities in the ex-urbs are the answer, we need to restore community to the cities so that we can save what’s left of our undeveloped land.No Impact Man: What our cities could be

Colbert vs. Branson (watch it till the end)

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In the last two years WA lawmakers have “earmarked” more pet projects than in the last 15 years combined!

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This pretty much says it all:

How can we allow this without any oversight. Did you realize the general public has no way of finding out who requested which projects or how much each lawmaker requested!

Local News | From sports complex to roads, lawmakers’ pet projects on rise | Seattle Times Newspaper

Why disability insurance can be the most important piece of your financial planning.

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Here’s a good article by John F. Wasik of Bloomberg News regarding disability insurance. One of the really important aspects of disability insurance that most articles do not discuss is listed in Mr. Wasik’s article: Taxation of the benefit payments. While most employees at large national employers have their premiums taken out of the paycheck post-tax (meaning you pay for it as an employee), many employees at mid-sized companies receive this benefit paid for by their employer. While this may seem like a great deal in the end you could receive 40% less benefit that you would if you had been paying that very small disability premium with your own dollars. Check you latest paystub to see if you pay for the disability benefits and if you are taxed on them. If you can’t tell, check and see if it’s treated like your medical insurance premiums, if it is you are not paying taxes on them.

Disability policies for the unforeseen | Seattle Times

Great video! Check out why it can be so rewarding to bike to work.

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This is a great video, especially because it shows out bad it can be to commute by car, even outside of the downtown core.

Via Bakfiests Bikes Blog

Speedfiler – Save 30 minutes a day in Outlook

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This is some of the best software I have ever discovered. The software learns your filing system and folder names and automatically suggests the file that it thinks would best fit the email you are currently viewing in Outlook. In addition Speedfiler gives you the option to save your sent files in the same file as the rest of the emails related to a certain topic. Version 2.0 has a great new function that allows you to file the original and reply message all in one keystroke. During my trial phase it suggested the correct folder 86% of the time, the other 14% you can just start typing and the software will find the correct folder. It saved me at least 30 minutes a day for an additional 2 1/2 hours a week!

Go check it out: Speedfiler 2.0

Sweet new calendar/to-do list

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Scrybe is a interesting looking new online/offline tool that could be the to-do/calendar organizer that finally replaces Outlook. The most interesting part is that you can work either online or offline. This enables a person to add quick updates at anytime, and it will sync up once you are back online.


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