Can we really afford another four years?

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I’m sure we all want to see our favorite Candidate win, but you’ve also got to consider this:

It’s a question both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have raised since John McCain’s initial surge in the polls: Which Democrat can best take on the Arizona senator in a general election match-up?

A new Time magazine polls seems to suggest the answer is Obama.

The poll, conducted over the three days leading up to Super Tuesday, shows Obama beating McCain by 7 points, 48 percent to 41 percent. Clinton ties McCain at 46 percent.


In case you need another reason for Obama:

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Speaking to five sympathetic women at a Stamford diner who had been hand-picked by her campaign, Mrs. Obama described some ways that youth had its advantages. “This is the only time we will have a chance to have someone who is three years from paying off his student debt,’’ she said, “and still going to Target to get toilet paper.’’

Time spent in Washington, engaging with special interests, she noted, does not always help politicians stay in touch with working-class people or their problems. “Realistically, you get more isolated,’’ she continued.

Dont Assume Another Run, Obamas Wife Says – City Room – Metro – New York Times Blog

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